THE 2014 GDGC SERIES    
Club Announcement  December 15th, 2014

GDGC Members,

I would like to take a final opportunity to express my sincerest thank you to every single player that participated in the GDGC 2014 Series this Year.   We had 125 unique players participate with us this year in at least one of the preliminary, division, or playoffs during the year.   Stark increase in participation and my hope is that is a direct result of the experience we provide our membership.   Thank you again for coming out and playing with us this year!!!

I would like to extend my congrats to the new 2014 Division Champions!!!

Zach Williams Cup Division First Year Champion

Zach competed in all 3 playoff events and tallied an impressive 2 wins during play to capture the title.  Corey McPherson pushed Zach the entire way with his 1 win to capture 2nd Place. And Joel "MachineGun" with a solid performance to take 3rd.

Francis Albanese Woody Division First Year Champion

Francis competed in all 3 playoff events and collected 1 win during play to secure his victory over Will Rosa who only finished 9 points behind him.  Will also collected a win during competition.   Karl Hochstatter pushed Will and Francis and only finished 4 points behind Will to take 3rd.

Nick Cicerelli Crewe Division First Year Champion

Nick and Tommy Williams made this competition super fun to watch.  Pushing each other the whole way and not just figuratively!   Nick collected a win during his run to finished just 15 points ahead of Tommy.  Joe Ellison who also competed in all 3 events finished a very respectable 3rd.   Got to give a shout out to Tim Kaltenbach.  Although Tim was not eligable to earn points during this playoff season due to not playing in a previous points event this year,  Tim collected a win, had 19 birdies, and had 3 top 5 finishes.

Again Congrats to our Champions, Congrats to All that Participated this Year and most of all Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for making this club what it is!!!!!!!  Look for exciting things to come in 2015 and see you all in Jan!!!

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